Peekaboo potty stickers

Hello so I’ve partnered this company called peekaboo. They make reuseable potty stickers. And that’s not even the coolest part!! Read below to find out more info !

They sell little packs of stickers that you stick into your child’s little toilet. When their potty training the pee makes the sticker warm and it reveals a image.

In the packs you will find a little sign, you put on your door handle that says “I’m using the potty with my peekaboo. A informative booklet about potty training, and the two stickers.

They have two different packs- boys and girls,

Boys have a train and a fire truck..

And girls have butterflies and flowers.

The sticker is black and white and when it is heated up or in contact with hot liquid such as pee or poop the image blossoms into full color. Which for little ones is a special treat and reward.

I so far have found this helpful in potty training my daughter Alyssa , she loves the sticker we placed in her potty chair. And loves to watch the sticker become colorful.

I would definitely say it’s worth the money and will be buying for my next child.

The stickers are 2.75 inches long.

Here are some links below to help you quickly buy some. Also use code : ❤️❤️

They sell for $22.00

This mom gives it a 10 out of 10

because potty training can be hard for both moms and infants and this sticker truly makes life just a tad easier !!


Diaperdoo .. butt cream

Hello, so the diaper doo cream is a diaper rash cream.

We’ve used it a few times so far and I like it. It’s very handy since it comes in itty bit travel sizes which is super convenient for diaper bags , car or even a small pocket in your stroller

It seems very oily to me but it gets the job done :). I like it and have recommend it to family members already


Frida baby .. nosefrida

Suck the snot right out

So the nosefrida is a unique item. Either your a family that loves and swears by it !! Or a family that will not buy it and is completely grossed out by it !

I was a person that I couldn’t be in the same room as someone sucking the snot out of their kiddos nose 👃!!

But as you guys know my infant was very very sick when little and she ended up with a cold at 3 days old which almost killed her. She also had that cold non !! Stop !! Till 6 months !!!

This thing was a life saver !!

It was quick and easy and works so so incredibly well. All you simply do is put a filter in the little slot , close it up and stick it in your kiddos nose , then suck away. The boogers are typically sucked out in 30 seconds. I do a second time to make sure I have all the boogies 🙂 then all you need to do is blow it into a tissue and rinse it out . It’s just so easy.

This helped my daughter to clear her air way so much cause infants under 8 months and some under a year !! Cannot unclog their airway or even tell you when some thing is wrong. All they can do is choke on the mucus.

I wish very much that this was around when I had my son cause I hate those stupid bulb syringes haha they don’t work for crap !!


For all of you that think it’s a crazy contraption, their no way you can get boogers in your mouth. (their is a blue little sponge filter ) most of the boogers stay towards the bottle of the device which is sooo nice for easy cleaning ! All you have to simply do is rinse it out 🙂

I was so grossed out with it for the first few times I used it. My husband was a champ , anytime I need help with Alyssa’s nose he came running in with a smile holding the nosefrida. Haha never knew this could make a grown man happy haha

Fridababy is the company who makes this. They also make a nose spray and rub wipes to help pair with the nosefrida

This retails for around $15.99

And your able to find it at most stores like target, Walmart and babies r us

I give this a 10 out to 10 cause it just makes life easy !


Frida baby .. nose wipes

So when I first got these wipes I was very hesitant to use them cause they smelled very menthol-ly. And I was afraid it would just be to much for my daughter. But now that she’s a bit older I love these so much ! I use them when ever she is sick , coughs and anything else – sore throat ! Yep I rub it on her chest , and feet

They smell very relaxing also so my daughter doesn’t even notice it’s on her.

The cloth wipes a tad huge , I usually rip or cut them in half and would pefer them to be half the size cause I feel like I’m just wasting products.

But these things have became a huge item in my house. And I hope I can find more I have not seen them at Walmart and by the time I looked at toys r us and babies r us they were already gone 😦 I’m sure I can buy them online right from the company or even amazon will hold them.


Kizingo spoons

So I got to try these kid spoons. Their not like regular kid cutlery.Self feeding is a important factor in helping your infant out of infancy to thriving as a toddler. With these spoons it makes meal time a bit easier :)Their shaped to help children hold and gather food from point A ( bowl of food ) to point B.( mouth )I like the design my daughter wasn’t very good at spoons when we first got to try and she would choose these other others. It’s very good for small bites of yogurt 🙂 they have a cool wrap around the thumb area and can stand it even makes it easy for infants to pick them up if they accidentally drop them.I got a pretty yellow and a very nice orange color spoon. They have a very unique and one of a kind infant handle so kids can grasp the entirety of the base. pack spoons are $7.99 and double pack spoons are $12.99They are dishwasher and microwave safe. And ! Don’t contain BPA/PVC/LEAD OR PHTHALATES. So it keeps your babies safe and you don’t have to worryThey are also designed and manufactured in the us, to be more specific Albany New York . I love that !!I like these these spoons so I’ll give 10 out of 10. Their very very neat ! Will be buying more!Fun fact ! Did you know in Swahili kizingo means curved !


Fasten-bathing suits

Hello , so as a mom of a little girl it’s very difficult to change bathing suits. Especially If you have a one peice on your infant/toddler. That right their involves taking off child’s bathing suit leaving your infant only in a swim diaper – if they even have one ?? And if they poop you can’t just lay them buck naked on the ground to change them 😦 how embarrassing!!) This company thought of a solution , a bathing suit that is connected near the belly button with magnets and snaps. Genius !! So all you have to do now is unsnap and pull down the flap that covers diaper area to change them ,they even have a magnet on the back in between shoulders for flap to magnetize onto.The bathing unit has two snap buttons on either side to ensure their are no ooops moments of it falling down. The magnets are strong enough that their should be little to no chance of that happening. The sizing is the thing that throws me , cause my daughter wears a 12-18 month I had to get the 2t and it seems very snug. I should have went up another size. BUY 1-2 sizes up !! You won’t regret it They start at $19.99 and run up to $34.99 mom gives it a 9 out of 10. Love the brilliant design and so many color choices but the sizing shouldn’t run small. Expecially for something that costs so much.