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Birds and the bees teas

Hello I got to try this tea and let me tell you it was yummy ! From birds and the bees .
They gave 4 diff kinds 1 tin and 3 samples 

Birds and the bees Family ammunity… Tin is $19.99  and their are many variations of sizes and packages you can buy .- ——ingredients are …… elderberry, rosehips, cinnamon chips, goji berry and astragalus root. 
So the teas come in a sealed plastic pouch and you tear it open and put in it something to let it sit in the tea (like a tea bag ). I don’t have anything like that so I’m glad they provided one.  I do wish their teas came prebagged cause it would be so much easier , and a bigger selling point to me. Since I’m not really familiar with putting loose tea particles in a container. And it didn’t nessisarly go to well lol … or so says my kitchen floor haha. 

Also I tried my best to dump and then clean out the baggy after use, which I wasn’t to thrilled with cause it was gross and hot. But this tea is so good don’t get me wrong.  I can’t wait to continue to use it.  And maybe buy one myself. 

Let me tell you the family immunity tea is so good ! It is a tea to boost you when feeling sick or under the weather. Perfect for flu and cold season.  And ! Pregnancy safe !! 

 My husbands throat was bugging him all week. He drank this twice and noticed a improvement 🙂  

When I drink it, it tastes of sweet cinnamon and a few other things that I just can’t put my finger on. If you close your eyes and imagine , it’s like sitting in a meadow of sunflowers while you watch your children play. And the crisp air is just cold enough for a light jacket… it’s relaxing and good for the soul! Plus it’s a big kick to the pending fall sicknesses that come with cold crisp air.  Like croup that mybson currently has.  Aggh !!  

My 5 year old son asks for it for every dinner now !    I also baby sit this boy who is 6 and he is the pickiest eater I have ever known ! He downed a medium cup and asked for more !  He also asked if I can tell his mom what the tea was called and where to order it.  

If that doesn’t tell you that you should buy I , well I don’t know what will.

They have about 10 different teas and a ton ! Of options to buy different packages and samples.   

This is so good you have to buy some … I will add the small sample packages review when I get finished 🙂 with the family ammunition 🙂


Winners !!!!  

Names have been shortened to protect identity ….  Stay tuned for next give away.  Soon 🙂 

I will be contacting the winners 

Kimm – won the Roxie’s house of joy blanket. 

Mum won the elephant ears !  
Winners have 10 days to claim if not claimed.  I will pick another name.   & add people who just started to follow.   Thank you 

It’s been ten days I will be drawing another … for elephant ears 



Bottle beeper 

Hello everyone 🙂 

So I got to try these bottle beepers , their pretty cool !  They help you find your child’s bottle or sippy cup when your kiddo misplaced their drink . Cause let’s be honest theirs no such thing as a child who takes a sip of their cup and gives it right back to mom then goes and plays again ….    

So in 15 or 30 minutes the music will start to play and you can instantly find it. Instead of finding rotting week old milk🤢🤢☠️

They come in pink and green little frogs  🐸 

The pink band sings …twinkle twinkle little star and Mary had a little lamb

And the green band sings …twinkle twinkle little star and row row row your boat 

The mouth is where all the action happens.   Their are three dots 


Left ⚫️ is for 15 minute timer 

Middle ⚫️ is to turn the music off 

Right ⚫️ is for 30 minute timer 

After your timer goes off.  It starts the music.  And will continue to play music every 5 minutes till middle dot is pushed.

You will be able to hear the music from across the room ! Which was pretty neat ! So makes finding bottles and sippy cups a breeze.

I think this is the only item on the market or its kind which makes it a genius product in my book . I for one have lost many , many bottles that were given to grandma and that sat in her car till black mold has took over !! Gross !  If I were to add it up grandma has prob thrown away $150 worth of bottles ! Which I didn’t have the money to replace . But you bet I’ll be sending this with my daughter when she goes to grandmas and she’ll hear the cute jingle and grab it :).    

I reccomend this to everyone I know with a little one.

Bottle beepers are $19.99

This mom gives it a 10 out of 10 


Roxie’s house of joy-Muslin everything  blankets 

Breathable cotton blankets 

Give away – you have to  follow my blog!—- winner is kimm– winner has been contacted 

Hello everyone, I was given these blankets to try and one to do a give away with. I’ve been using this blanket the past month.   I will say , I have never tried a Muslim blanket I just had no interest ! Boy was I was wrong.  I love this thing ! It’s so light and airy.  

My daughter sleeps with blankets / I know horrible mom !  I caught this blanket 3! Times on her face !  And so I freaked out and grabbed it off.  But I did a test and stuck it on my face and you can breath right threw it.   It’s a little heavier then the store bought muslin since it’s like 2 in one ,I really like it.   

It will be great for fall weather ,pumpkin patches and Halloween.  And even amazing on hot days when the sun is beating down.

Even though it is double layer it keeps baby warm with out keeping baby to warm. It has a pretty white outline on all of blankets. Any it’s light enough that on hot days it’s great to protect babies legs .

Out it all designs – listed below. The marshmallow is my favorite they have funny , sad, excited and sour faces and just how clever, super cute ! 

It has a tag part so you can write child’s name with. This is just my type of thing ! And really thoughtful !! The name tag is about 1inch by 3 inches so it’s not exactly small either.  – was advised to use a fine point sharpie and not to press to hard as satin does bleed . 

Roxie’s house of joy has about 4 different blanket designs so far…

A marshmallow – which is so cute !  

The dinosaur – adorable ! 

Flower of life –

Purple,pink , teal, black 

And a shapes pattern 

They also have new patterns coming out in the fall , they are soon to be announced ❤️❤️👍🏻🔜

This blanket will be a favorite around my house for a long time.  It is light enough that when baby A is old enough she can drag it around the house, it’s also long enough that it is perfect for breastfeeding , a infant wrap, a toddler blanket  well as the company says.  Everything haha 

The blankets are 47×47 inches after washed. (When first get wash in warm and dry on tumble ) 

Will be adding Amazon listing and !! Baby A will be in the pictures (I’ll post it right here when available ) 
And I’ll be adding more pictures and videos soon.   I think I’ll do a second blog about it  

Be sure to sign up for Roxie’s house of joy for coupons , monthly giveaway contests!!  And lots more !!

This is a amazing company and the owner and maker of this is just the sweetest lady. She had won my heart and my bank ! As I will be buying my neice or nephew a blanket in November before he:she arrives.

Blankets are $19.99 and she has a 60 day garentee if you do not like it ,who wouldn’t !!

Flash sale going on making the blankets $4.49!!   – link directly below

This mom gives it a 10 out of 10 !  You can’t beat the price for the quality 

* will be doing a unboxing soon of some of the fall blankets 😳😜❤️


Lovable labels 

Hello everyone ,
Ok so this very cool label company gave me these labels to try out 🙂 

When you message their Facebook and their not online , they give this cool “in the rare event we’re sleeping right now you might have to wait a bit for us to get back to you ” In the same space they give you a fun fact , mine was “the human thigh bone is stronger then concrete”– pretty neat huh ! I didn’t know that ! 

August 1st they came out with new , exciting new labels 

Here’s a link

I also found it very cool that they asked me for my email address and sent a confirmation when the order was placed and when the order is shipped. Which was pretty nifty.  They try and get the labels shipped to you within 6-12 buisness days. 

They also have free standard shipping to Canada and the us! Which is great since you don’t have to pay that much extra to get labels.

The labels I picked to sample are zombies!!   Who the heck doesn’t love zombies !! Perfect for any post apocalyptic or modern day labeling. 

I think my favorite part of these zombie labels is that they are all different. Which also makes this company’s product unique too’

They have lots of pages of labels to choose from, with their newest first. 

Lots of different sizes in the back to school pack – which is what I received- in my pack I got 

15- large stickers 

60- slimeline 

12 shoe 

30 press and stock clothing dots

2 bag tags 

12 square 

they also have a build your own bundle as well as a few different sizes bundle options.
These labels are amazing for walking dead fans ! 

And with over 40 other label designs   Theirs something for the whole family.

I give these labels a 10 out of 10 .super in love with the zombie !


Jelly cap 

Drinking cap for children or adults 

Hello everyone , 

So I was given jelly cap to review, it’s a neat little invention. It’s three little soft caps that go on bottles to help toddlers and kids drink on the go or simply at home.

Their Moto is one cap any bottle ( we tested on a gator aid and a water bottle ) Side note – It’s not reccomended to use on flimsy plastic bottles. Cause when putting on jellycap it will squirt you ! Haha , when I put it on my water the water shot me right in the face.  Me and my son laughed , he said it looked just like a dolphin.   

For small mouthed bottled you simply pop it on the bottle and it grasps it with its 4 little wavy layers. You can even tip it and it will spill out for a second but that’s about it.   It also reduces spills since it works as a sort of lid. You can also use a straw this way! 

For wide mouth bottles you flip it over and stick it in the bottle opening , you can drink it just like that , or you use a straw. It’s recomended to use a straw when jellycap is upside down.

It’s nice cause it turns any bottled drink into a toddler friendly cup. You can do milk, juice , water bottles it’s really easy to use. Would be amazing for camping !

In my pack I got three colors a pink, purple and orange. Theirs also a few other color pack options which include 

Blue, green,yellow,red

The jelly caps all have a cute little case made just for the product, reminds me of a gumball prize  container. I love that they have their own little carrying case , I have one in the car , one in the diaper bag and one at home ! 

 On the jelly cap themselfs they all have this adorable little smiley face, which is a cute surprise for people to see.
They are patent pending , dish washer safe (not reccomended for hot drinks as it could potentially melt the jellycap) Their also made in the USA, which is always nice. 

Jelly cap is Bpa free, free of bisphenol a, phthalate, latex, lead and pvc free.

Reccomenddd for 2 years and older 

You can buy on Amazon for $15.99

This mom gives it a 9 out of 10 ,

-1 cause you can only buy on Amazon (had to pay shipping too)  but I will say this. ! I was very impressed with how fast it came ! It was 2? Days later.  More like a day and a half ! Never had anything ship so fast!!  


Baby Wisp 

I just wanna say a huge ! Thank you to baby Wisp !!  

We will be making alyssas cranial helmet as pretty as can be ! With new bows 🙂  

We have lots and lots of crafting for mommy and will post some shots of alyssas new dew 🙆🏼👳🏻‍♀️👸🏼👒⛑👑🎀

What a amazingly cool company !  Please make sure you support them. You can find my review to 2 amazing bows down below. And I might do a few for these bows too 🙂


Tommee tippee-all in one newborn gift set ……….coming soon

Given a newborn box to review from the company !

Hello all I want to say

This is my first big company item I’ve ever reviewed ! And I’m pretty excited about it.   I was given this newborn starter box set to review ! So here goes…😉

This starter set comes with everything a new mommy needs, whether it be your first baby or your fifth. The pack includes (prices are from

-two 9oz bottles—————-$10-$15 depending on size and how many bottles

-two 5 oz bottles———————-$10-$15 depending on size and how many bottles

-two storage lids (that fit over both size bottles )—-6 count is $4.54

-formula dispensers————6 count is $3.59

-microwaveable sterilizer————(babiesrus)———$29.99

-a bottle and food warmer (excited cause I’ve never had one :)————–$10.97

-one insulated bottle holder——–cant find item alone

-one 0-3 month binky(has a weird nipple – my daughter who doesn’t take binkys loves it !!)——–2 pack $4.76

– one bib———$4.97

-One bottle brush——$6.37

-And one binky holder——2 pack $4.76

So let’s talk about the items 🙂

The bottles are curvy and fit the best in my hand then any other bottle I have tried. In my opinion they are the closest to a nipple shape then any other bottle on the market. I have bought many Tommee tippee bottles for my son when he was little, cause he loved them.

Ok next the storage lids !? What ?!? Who came up with this , these are so cool !  I so could have used this 4 years ago with (M) ! It’s great so formula doesn’t go bad or even water.(I don’t condone juice going into bottles )  The storage lid fits over both the 5&9 oz bottles- I was so impressed with these ,as you can tell. lol !

The formula dispencers hold powdered formula which is great since mixed formula has a shelf life of a hour. Great for zoo trips , or on the go where a fridge isn’t handy. I think it holds 4? Scoops I could be wrong.

The sterilizer is great and holds 4 bottles and their lids. You put it in the microwave for 5 minutes and then let it cool for 2 (so you don’t get burned) and whalla! Sanatized bottles 🙂 the sides that latch are pretty cool too it kind of pops on and off . 

The bottle and food warmer I have not used yet I plan to soon so I don’t even know how it works :(.  Will update  here shortly with how it works

The bottle holder is just adorable , it fits one bottle (Tommee tippee brand bottle) Keeps the bottles cold for diaper bag use 🙂 great on the go to keep a mixed bottle of formula, breastmilk or just water cold 🙂

The binky as mentioned isn’t shaped like a normal binky. It puts me in mind of a little finger.  My daughter who hates binkys ! Nuk! Mam! Tommee tippee ! Cheap versions !   Hates every one !  She loves it ! I couldn’t believe it ! She loves chewing on it , she won’t suck on it but then again I’ll take anything from a non loving binky girl lol. I do however have a problem with the way the binky (all Tommee tippee binkys fit while in the mouth ) they rest right up against the infants nose.  Which I don’t very much care for.

The bib is cute kind of a yellowy, creamy color has a ring around the neck so it fits nicely on baby. I think it’s microfiber. Will absorb lots of little messes , if your baby likes to spit of milk.

The bottle brush is pretty cool, it breaks into two peices that click together. It’s green and white and says Tommee tippee on it . The Brussels are also on one side which make it look nice, it cleans very nicely also.

And lastly the binky holder it is a adorable little fox !  I did however get confused on how to attach it to clothing as it pushes up and down and clicks into place on desired item. It has a little Velcro peice to clip the binky onto the holder. Cause the backs of Tommee tippee binkys are odd shaped.

 This mommy gives it a 10 out of 10 ,

Very great gift for a mommy of a new baby