Elephant ears 

Repositioning babies head

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Today’s review that I was given is this cool little support pad for babies head.  The one I have is called “woodland wonder ” it is just adorable!

They look like little elephant ears 🐘

Their slogan for baby elephant ears is “support your baby in style!”

It helps prevent plagiocepholy which is where one side of babies head gets flat due to baby favoring that side. Also helps prevent braciocepholy where the whole back of babies head gets flat. All you do is slide the head rest under baby’s head(long side down ) and then pull ears forward. That’s it 🙂
This Stylish multi-use headrest is great for when babies are relaxing in their swing , playing on the ground (supervised ) or even in the car or stoller !

I really wish we would have known about this cool thing when A’s was little. She now needs a helmet due to her plagio 😦 this would have helped shape her head and not left her little noggin flat and odd shaped. We will be starting to use it in the car seat, since A’s head now falls foward and i worry about suffication.

➡️Please always supervise baby with something around their head. ⬅️

It is reccomended for ages 0-2 years old and says beyond also. It was mom designed and chiropractor inspired.


It is machine washable on cold, gentle cycle. And to use warm dry in your dryer (but we just hang dry )

I have heard moms say this is a life saver. And I wished I had found it sooner .

They have lots of designs and colors to choose from.  They also have a mink one where it’s very soft.

they are $21.95

got some opinions from mommas who also have them………

Amy_’love them ‘

Katie _’we have elephant ears, I use it in pram and car seat’

grace_’ makes me feel better their head is not falling forward’

Audrey_’feels like their head is nicely supported”
This mom gives it a 7 out of 10  I think the price is a bit steep.


March and Marcus mold free bath toys

Hello all !!

Sorry it’s took me so long to a review… the baby has been having issues ……Anyways ,my review!

Ok so I have linked at the bottom the different ways to buy these. You can buy them seperate or as a bulk.  You can also buy the two big as a bulk for a tad cheaper also.

These are a huge hit (or they will be at Christmas )  they are able to be washed right in the dishwasher. If visibly dirty just give it a once over with a towel ,

I got all 5 animals.  The lion ,piggy ,whale , elephant and the giraffe.

The 5 animals are about 3 inches long about 2 inches in height( of course the whale is bigger cause of its spout and the giraffes ears , And also the elephant is a tad longer cause of his trunk)

My son will want to spend a hour in the bath just playing zoo with all the animals:)  the details on the face are very well done
The submarine is by far the coolest out of them all. It shows all 5 animals in the little circle Windows. It has a little propeller you can spin and a little scope for pretend play at the top. These are way bigger then the others. About 6-7 inches by 3-4 inches high.

The submarine is my second favorite.this too shows all 5 animals in the circle Windows. It can stand all by itself. This is about 6-7 inches tall by about 3

We have many bath toys. Lots of little toys that squirt and we have had to hot glue them . When my son was a year old he took a bath I found him eating a moldy toy ! The inside was coated and I never would have known if I didn’t see a Facebook article that said “is your child in danger ”

That night we threw all of them away. Even the ones that didn’t look mostly , I cut them open.  In little crevices their was mold !!!!!!

This product will save kids from getting sick possibly even hospitalized .

This mom is ditching every other bath toy and will be keeping these around for a long time !
This mom gives these bath toys a 10 out of 10

I will be editing this Christmas morning when the kids get them.
buy all the the little ones in a bundle —————–

buy both sub and rocket for cheaper ————–


Young and free Apperal…. bear bib

Hello I was gifted this drooler to review.

Dribble drooler is the new, cool stylish way to clean up spit up 🙂
It’s made with flannel and terry cloth which make then extra snugly for baby to lay their head on 🙂 when not spitting up or drooling. And extra absorbent

It is 100% cotton

Very cute and stylish and always a conversation starter when other parents see it. Baby A really loves it and we try and use it every feed since its easy and convient to have around. We will be buying the fox for my neice or nephew son 🙂 Its very very cute!! We chose the grisly bear cause he is just adorable.

They cost $18.00—- right now they are on sale for $5.99 shipping !!!!!!!!   Grab them before they are gone.

styles include

Buddy the bear ..(we have )

Sadie the sheep,

Dasher the deer,

Flynn be fox,

Rocco the raccoon,

Cassidy the cow,       and

Pete the panda

I think the cow is the second cutest!!!


No bleach when cleaning.

This mom gives it a 7 out of 10. It’s very adorable, but the price does not sell me at all.  It would for $10 but not $18.   They do have lots of animal options which is very nice and the cow is just stinking adorable !!


Marcus and Marcus bib

Hello all review again 🙂

I just received a very adorable Marcus and Marcus bib 🙂

100% organic (certified ) cotton free of chemicals

Cotton was grown in turkey

Each bib has a silicone Chew that is  bpa, pvc and phthalate free

It snaps around babies neck, which is a huge plus cause Mrs.thing likes to rip bibs off.

Very easy to clean, just toss it in washer and air dry

They cost $14.99 on Amazon  they have different animals.  (One pictured is pokey the pig (which I will link soon along with Marcus and Marcus page to check out other charectors


I like it a lot and since we have the Marcus and Marcus piggy teether and rattle.  This makes it my favorite set :).       Which I’ll link those also
This momma gives it a 9 out of 10  I wish the cost was down.  But some places you buy from shipping is included


Marcus and Marcus teether-pig

Hello 🙂

This teether is just the cutest. It’s for infants who are teething. Says 6 months + (A is 5 months )

The one I got to sample is a piggy 🙂

They Have a few other options of chewers which I think I’ll be buying more 🙂 The following includes

—marcus the lion 🦁

—Pokey the pig 🐷🐽. ⬅️ours!

—lola the giraffe.  Oh my ! Theirs no giraffe emoji 😳

—Ollie the elephant 🐘

—Willo the whale 🐳

We will be getting the whale next 🙂

Baby A really likes her piggy piggy, when ever we give her the option of a similar toy she wants the Marcus and Marcus piggy. She likes how soft and velvety it feels. It has different spots that are raised and some that are lowered to let little mouths explore the toy. Even the handle has three parts that are raised (Baby A Expecially loves this part to chew on !! )

Can even be washed in the dishwasher safe (top rack ) , freezer safe and microwave safe (which not sure why you would use it in microwave )Since it’s food grade silicone rubber.
It is bpa-free, pvc free and phthalate free. Also stains can be removed with hot soapy water.\

This mom will be buying this for many baby showers and upcoming babies , it runs on Amazon for about $7.99

I give this a 10 out of 10.   It’s adorable and the baby loves it !!
Out of 2 dozen toys this is her favorite toy !   We don’t leave the house without it


Marcus and Marcus- organic rattle-pig 

Howdy 🙂

This cute little rattle is alyssas piggy made by Marcus and Marcus

I was given it to review, let me tell you a bit about it first.

It’s made with polyester fiber and a tiny squeaker. It’s made from organic cotton made in turkey ! And free of harsh chemicals.

The piggy has different patterns and textures which make it pop to tiny eyes 🙂 The head is pink along with a brown snout. His cute little ears have a fold and they crinkle.  He also has what I imagine is a Id? Tag for livestock (soft material ,same as pig) that crinkles also. The base of the piggy crinkle and is a white with polka dots with a brown bottom base. (also soft and crinkly)

The base also has a squeaker inside. Hard for infants to figure out but mommy can do it just fine.  I have to bend the piggy in half to get it to squeak. Not a deal breaker as (A ) doesn’t even know it’s their.*****😱🤣😂🤣edit   All you have to do is out hand around base and squeeze lmao !! The 5month old figured it out hahhahahah

The piggy is just so cute and retails for 8.99 on amazon.

could not find amazon link they must have sold out

This mommy gives it a 10out of 10.  I was giving it a 9 out of 10 Cause of the squeaker.  But my goodness you can’t beat it.  It’s adorable ! The toys you buy at Walmart are around same price , crappy quality and not organic.


Marcus and Marcus -insulated lunch box-lion

Hello !!

I was given this insulated lunch bag to do a review on and wow! This thing is pretty cute.

They are available to buy on Amazon 🙂 for $24.99

They have 5 different designs for the lunch box..

Elephant , whale, pig , giraffe and the lion

It is bpa/Phthalate free

Ages 3 and up

This lunch box can serve as a little book bag on the way to the lunchroom. It has adjustable shoulder straps along with a place to hook your lunch box onto a shelf at school. Has a little name tag pocket and has a small pocket in front for juice or a small snack. It also has a small mesh pocket inside for smaller items. The space inside the lunch box is fairly big! Bigger then Walmart lunch boxes. So your little one can bring lots of goodies 🙂

The top of the lunchbox where the lions mane is, it is sewn into place. He has little circlular buttons as eyes.   The whole lunch box has different patterns (some plastic and some fabric ) which will keep my 4 year olds fidgety fingers tracing the bag.

*****side note pair this lunch box with the collapsible sandwich holder

This momma gives this bag a..10 out of 10 just the cutest and will last years due to how it is made.