Truchef- kids cutlery

Hello everyone ,

So I get to try this cool kidz cutlery made by TruChef. They specialize in helping kids become chefs in the kitchen while being safe in the comfort of their own home.

The age group for this cutlery set is 8+ for safety reasons. Mason is 5 currently. We’re going to put this up for when he’s older😃

The price of the starter set is $35.99- which isn’t terrible considering how real knifes cause hurt a young chef.

CAUTION: They are real knifes so they will cut you ! Always keep fingers away from blades and body. Always use with adult supervision. These are not a toy

CAUTION : TrueChef kids chef starter knifes are rounded to prevent accidental stabbing. I want to repeat These are not a toy.

TrueChef kidz starter set comes with a…

– 4″ stainless steel round tip Chef knife,

– 3.5″ stainless steel round top Paring knife,

– stainless steel Peeler,

– Scissors,

And a Universal stand and holder.

Now I’m going to tell you a little about each item.

The Chef knife is the 2nd most used tool out of the bunch, since we can cut everything from meat to fruits and veggies. Pictured above is my son cutting potatoes for Christmas dinner 🙂

The Paring knife is great for peeling fruits and veggies , like carrots and pears yum ! We use this knife to cut just about everything since it’s smaller you have a lot more control over the blade for cleaner cuts.

The Peeler I found a tad difficult to peel with myself as a adult ,but I’m spoiled and super love the one I bought myself. My son liked it and peeled 2 potatoes before giving up and going to play.

The Scissors I was impressed with , they have this yellow peice on them that makes the opening bounce to life for easy cutting kind of like a spring. A must have in the kitchen for helping little chefs open bags.

The stand the tools are in is a very cool container – pictured above – the container can also be used to house your favorite art supplies when not being used for your cutlery.

After your done cutting up your favorite snack , rinse the cutting tool in warm soapy water and use a clean cloth to dry. So your blade keeps the perfect shine.

It is not reccomended to put your starter set knifes in the dishwasher as the heat can dull your blade, possibly even damage. And the detergent can cause your steel to discolor.

TruChef kidz also has cut resistant gloves ( which are sold separately ) so mini chefs who are just starting out don’t cut them selfs. I also will be doing a separate link to those.

Which when I do my review on them I will add to be bottom of this page also.

This momma gives the TruChef kids cutlery set a 10 out of 10. It teaches kids to be safe while they learn how to properly use kitchen utensils.


Nanobebe- breastmilk bottle

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Hello ,

So I’m so excited to announce I get to try a product that has yet to be released to the public !!! It’s set to be released in January.

My daughter is a big pain in the toosh and hates bottles and sippy cups. But with her being under a year she has to drink a certain amount of breastmilk a day , she loves this bottle. And takes to it with ease. We love the nanobebe bottle. It is a huge game changer ! For moms with babies who refuse to take anything other then breast.

This is the first and only bottle made to preserve breastmilk nutrients

This bottle allows breastmilk to warm up and cool twice as fast as standard bottles that are on the market , it’s also boob shaped which makes me and baby love it and makes for fun conversation.

So this super cool little bottle is called nanobebe. And it is the first of a kind too ! It’s the first bottle that is designed for breastmilk only !!

It has a very cool arch shape to the bottle which makes it warm up a lot faster then normal bottles. Not only heat, the bottle also cools twice as fast as other bottles to fridge and freezer temps preventing bacterial growth. Its the same way they heat faster- The shape spreads the milk into a thin layer so easier to heat/cool quicker.

The nanobebe bottle breaks into 5 peices .

1. The nipple ,- the nipple itself has two flow vents to prevent colic. it’s clear nipple and shape I personally feel it represents a real nipple shape.

2. The storing cap,- is pretty cool it screws on and boom ! Instant storage!

3. The screw on lid that holds the nipple,- it’s made of plastic and silicone

4. The clear top of the bottle-see below,

5. And the silicone hard bottle bottom-see below,

The two bottom parts of the bottle they click together ! Yes you heard that correctly , at first it made me nervous. But the top clear peice holds up to 5 oz of breastmilk (I’ve used water a few times too) it’s the only bottle of its kind in design.

The nanobebe bottle came with a breast pump adaptor included that fits most standard pumps on the market so that moms have the added convenience of pumping right into the bottle.

We also got to try their binkys , they are very very flexible and they look like nothing on the market. It’s called the nanobebe flexy pacifier , pictured above

Nanobebe also makes a bottle warmer , a drying rack , a bottle warmer , breastmilk bags and a bag storage , all in their unique shape 🙂

The nanobebe bottles stack wonderfully which is a fun space-saving benefit. As do the breastmilk storage containers. They are flat so they take up less space and cool and warm twice as fast to preserve nutrients and prevent bacteria growth.

The company is very very good about getting back with customers, ( I dyed the bottle in the dish washer 😩 ) and they helped me sort everything out ! Game tip (rinse your dishes in the dishwasher 😤). The bottle itself is allowed to be hand washed and dishwasher safe , but I like to make things difficult.

Fun facts : The nanobebe company designed the body so that if moms (or dads) are holding the baby in one hand they can easily assemble the bottle one handed by simply pushing the bottle body down into the bottle base on the countertop (no twisting needed or having to put baby down).

The nanobebe bottle is made with the highest medical grade plastic and silicone on the market today. And has the slowest tested flow rate compared to other bottles so most closely resembles actual breastfeeding.

This momma give this bottle a 10 out of 10 for being easy and unique design.


My baby’s heartbeat bear

* more pictures coming soon *

Hello everyone ,

This super cute and cuddly company called “My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear ” has something for new to be parents, grandparents and new big siblings.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear will be a amazing keepsake and great for baby showers !!

This unique little snuggly animal was made by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and a Mommy of three.

I chose the Baby Deer cause who doesn’t love Fawns ! I very much like the detail on the back of the Fawn , the little dots make it just that much cuter !!

But you can choose from any 16 heartbeat animals including the most popular …

Giraffe, Elephants, tan Bears, Monkeys , Lambs and Hippos ,they run $35 each

They also have a Gray Love Bear and he runs $39.

— Each animal comes with a 20 second red heart battery , and a replacement battery. (Which when battery dies and you change it , the recording will stay ) also you can record messages from Older Siblings to Babies , or your Infants first words , Daddy singing her favorite songs or Mommy ticking Baby as he giggles, the list is endless!!

Multiple recorders can be purchased separately (I’ll post link in bottom )

So let’s talk about the Animals them selfs and how they work 🙂

1. Buy your favorite Animal 🙂

2. Take the red heartbeat recorder to next Ultrasound appointment and record up to 20 seconds of your Fetuses heartbeat.(can also pick up sounds previously recorded from a cd or even a cellphone )

3. Unfasten the Velcro on back of the animal insert the recorder

4. Then lose the pouch and fasten the Velcro

5. Give your new heartbeat monitor a squeeze to listen to the beautiful sound of a Infants heartbeat.

To stop it simply squeeze again or wait 20 seconds.

You can find the Heartbeat Animals at most 3D &4D ultrasound studios across the country or you can purchase online at link below

It’s also recommended for ages 3 and up just as a safety feature which it also can serve as a learning tool about how they or their sibling sound in Mommies belly

The animals are made from a high quality fleece like fabric and poly fill.

This mom gives it a 10 out of 10 Very very cool


Masala baby

Kids clothing

Hello 🙂 so I’ve been given the opportunity to try this very amazing clothing company for infants and children called masalababy.

The dress I got to try Is the Organic Dancing Peacock Dress -in Pink. It retails for $38.00.

It’s part of their organic knit bloom collection, which means it’s made from Organic Cotton (95%)and Spandex(5%), In super cute designs!!!

Here’s a few things about this designed dress you didn’t know…

Made in India,

Hand guided embroidery designs,

Above the knee, (so perfect for infants all the way up to school age.)

Flare at the bottom of the dress, link a princess 😜

Keyhole button at the back of the dress, around the neck.

On the tag it states that each dress can be different from the next one, from the pattern to the coloring. Which means they take pride in their work by making it unique for me. Which then makes me wanting to buy more.

They have much more then dresses. They have blankets, necklaces , infants, boys , girls , mommy and me !! Bathing suits ! So much please check them out.

They have a vintage feel to them. From their patterns and accessories.

The dress is machine wash cold(gentle cycle ) , tumble dry low.

This mom gives this company a 10 out of 10 for unique baby clothing !

Thanks for reading everyone


Name bubbles

(Personalized name labels and !! More !!)

Hello everyone 🙂

So I was given the chance to test out this label company, but get this !! They don’t just make labels like the other brands like I’ve tried.

This company makes very cool clothing and item labels , wall labels and ! Get this waterproof wristband

Labels that are custom made to say what you want !

For me this is a huge game changer ! I can’t wait to use these at the zoo, park , waterpark.

Hopefully this year I’ll finally be able to go to cedar point, and how amazing I’ll be able to use the bands for my son who’s 5! So I won’t be afraid of him running to grandma or his aunt in the roller coaster lines .

The waterproof wristbands come in 16 & 8 packs. They also have medical and allergy bracelets! Which for certain children with allergies can be a major lifesaver. And have 9 designs for you to choose from 11 if you include the medical and allergy.

… 8 pack costs $11.98

…16 pack costs $18.98

They have many many packages and designs for labels… I received the camping labels

For $40.96 you get 96 labels

You get to choose from the main design it self – I chose mountain top , then you choose a color – I chose green cause it’s hubbys favorite color. Then edit your details you want on the label 🙂

In my pack I got ……

  1. 18 small rectangular
  2. 8 rectangular
  3. 2 big rectangular (my fav!! )
  4. 4 square contact labels
  5. 8 shoe labels
  6. 56 clothing labels

The wall labels I must say are also something that I haven’t seen from a label company before.

They have lots of options and designs they range from $24.98-$44.9 (Posted a few above)

This mom gives it a 10 out of 10 very good products and glad I got to work with them.


Another Roxie’s blanket

This company just has the coolest blankets let me tell you. More pictures to come 🙂

Hello guys so once again I got to a review on these blankets. Just love them !

They have two layers of 100% muslin cotton. They are so ,so soft and just get even softer with every wash. Roxie’s everything blankets are very light weight and breathable fabric, and with many designs they are so hard to just choose one.

Also cause they are 47×47 ( After washing ) they are great for Newborns , Infants , Toddlers , even Parents and Grandparents. ( I use mine all the time 🙂

We’re going to have a few give aways this year 🙂 yay ! Follow Roxie’s house of joy page on Facebook for special holiday pricing and give aways. Also check out my Instagram for upcoming giveaways ( Posted down below )

Comment which are you fav blankets??


Mummas Little Helpers

(Helping highchairs everywhere – high chair food catcher )

Hello ,

Let me tell you about an amazing company called Mummas Little Helpers. They have been hiding this genius product.  So let me get on with the review ,

They cost $55 for the standard and $65 for the xl , which I have the xl. Plenty big for my needs and for my highchair.

They have been marked “Best Infant and Toddler Gear 2017”!! They have many colors and styles !

This food catcher is pretty neat , it attaches right to the highchair with a Velcro strip. (That they provide.) Very easy to install -I also looked online at their products and seen how those were placed. Just to make sure that I had it placed correctly.

A huge plus is not only does it attach to highchairs but for your super messy toddlers or kids can attach to the regular kitchen chair and table for easy catches of spilled food.

Here is a few very cool features!!

…it is …


… machine washable,

…easy to wipe down ,

Because of the design it’s easy to catch food that’s dropped or tossed off highchair ( for my daughter she like dropping things where her legs go , and this catches it all ) makes very easy clean up for mommy !!

This amazing food catcher comes in two sizes standard and xl. This is a very neat invention and fits most highchairs.( if not all )

I have seen other highchair helpers that go around baby on the ground of the highchair and bibs that catch food but those aren’t helping anyone this little helper catcher really does it all !! I’d buy for a baby shower gift for sure.

Plus as a added coolness factor it’s great for when baby is playing in the highchair and you give her a bundle of toys to play with. Cause where do most infant items you give babies go ????? The floor. Not this time kiddo hahahha

This momma gives it a 10-10



Sink boss

Hello 🙂 I was given sink boss to review. Which is pretty neat cause they were first shown off this month at abc expo. (It’s a best and new products showcase for must have baby products . )

This device makes life easy , makes having to clean bottles , binkys , spoons , anything baby related a breeze to quickly scrub up and let dry.  

When Mason was itty bitty we bottle fed him. Which was easy for us but when it came time to washing the bottles we didn’t have a clean spot just for bottles. And always worried about leaving them on a paper towel and letting them dry. This takes that worry out !! 

You can unfold , lock the legs in place and put it at your sink , bathroom sink shoot even the bathtub ! If need be… and simply wash your infants kitchen items.

What’s great is it’s portable so you can use it at home, At your parents, a hotel room , and even on vacation ! And ! It would be amazing while camping !!! 

Cause let’s face it the world is a dirty place and we don’t want our babies exposed to so many germs at once. 

The cool thing is it’s geared forwards washing but it’s versatile.  You can use it for washing and serving up fruits to your little one.    Like a little fruit cart. 

Or for a romantic date night  it can hold your wine and glasses out on the Terrance for extra room on the table. 

You can purchase it threw the links for $49.99.
This mom gives it a 10 out of 10 for being a great traveling companion 


Birds and the bees teas

Hello I got to try this tea and let me tell you it was yummy ! From birds and the bees .
They gave 4 diff kinds 1 tin and 3 samples 

Birds and the bees Family ammunity… Tin is $19.99  and their are many variations of sizes and packages you can buy .- ——ingredients are …… elderberry, rosehips, cinnamon chips, goji berry and astragalus root. 
So the teas come in a sealed plastic pouch and you tear it open and put in it something to let it sit in the tea (like a tea bag ). I don’t have anything like that so I’m glad they provided one.  I do wish their teas came prebagged cause it would be so much easier , and a bigger selling point to me. Since I’m not really familiar with putting loose tea particles in a container. And it didn’t nessisarly go to well lol … or so says my kitchen floor haha. 

Also I tried my best to dump and then clean out the baggy after use, which I wasn’t to thrilled with cause it was gross and hot. But this tea is so good don’t get me wrong.  I can’t wait to continue to use it.  And maybe buy one myself. 

Let me tell you the family immunity tea is so good ! It is a tea to boost you when feeling sick or under the weather. Perfect for flu and cold season.  And ! Pregnancy safe !! 

 My husbands throat was bugging him all week. He drank this twice and noticed a improvement 🙂  

When I drink it, it tastes of sweet cinnamon and a few other things that I just can’t put my finger on. If you close your eyes and imagine , it’s like sitting in a meadow of sunflowers while you watch your children play. And the crisp air is just cold enough for a light jacket… it’s relaxing and good for the soul! Plus it’s a big kick to the pending fall sicknesses that come with cold crisp air.  Like croup that mybson currently has.  Aggh !!  

My 5 year old son asks for it for every dinner now !    I also baby sit this boy who is 6 and he is the pickiest eater I have ever known ! He downed a medium cup and asked for more !  He also asked if I can tell his mom what the tea was called and where to order it.  

If that doesn’t tell you that you should buy I , well I don’t know what will.

They have about 10 different teas and a ton ! Of options to buy different packages and samples.   

This is so good you have to buy some … I will add the small sample packages review when I get finished 🙂 with the family ammunition 🙂


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