WeeCanToo finger paint!!

Hello everyone so I get to try this 5 peice toddle finger paint !

From weecanntoo , I am so excited to see how it works.

I love how I the customer have to mix and make the paint.

Makes me feel like I’m a daycare worker again.

So I truely think wonders of this company and am very excited cause not only are these finger paints , their special finger paint ! They are infact made from herbs , fruits and veggies. So if Alyssa decides to lick her fingers she is not getting a mouth full of harsh chemicals! Which is a huge plus to me !

Instructions say to fill water up to almost full ( I used very very hot water from sink – cause I figured it would mix better.)Which I was correct. Then put it into fridge to settle which is Also stated. Very very easy and very cool. My kids were super excited with painting using their hands cause we don’t do that often. I would recommend this to parents, teachers and grandparents

The paint itself was a little gritty but after a few more shakes seemed to be better.

Very easy to mix, very fun to make !! Very entertaining to watch the kids be excited that they made it, and will be buying more once we run out.

The paint itself is very bright and bold and very good smelling. My son commented on how tasty it smells.

They also last a month when made which isn’t as long as off brands. But you don’t get to have as good of a experience with those.

These run $34.99 but they are currently on sale for 29.98 !

I would recommend this to everyone I know and will be buying more once what I have runs out.

I give this a 10 out of 10


WeeCanToo chalk

Hello everyone so I got to try this really cool Weecantoo art chalk.

so let me tell you a little about it

–it’s Organic , Lead free !! Vegan ,

Best of all it has no

No Wheat , no Sugar , no Preservatives and no ! Dairy !!

It’s round so both infants and toddlers can wrap their hand around it and use it.

It comes in 5 colors







My son loves these more then regular chalk cause they smell like herbs and veggies ,

Well cause they infact are made from herbs fruits and veggies.

I think these have brighter bolder colors then store bought and I like if my daughter puts it in her mouth it isn’t filled with chemicals.

Also I wanted to add that you can see some of them were cut from other peices of chalk during the process of making them , how cool ! I think that makes the chalk a lot more unique !

The chalk runs $12.98

I deff give this company a 10 out of 10 on the chalk


WeeCanToo sculpting dough

Hello ,

So I got to try this very unique sculpting dough. It’s like play doh except way, way more different !!

This dough is made from real fruits and veggies believe it or not – so it’s even safe if kids eat it. ( Alyssa took a big bite out of it and didn’t mind it lol ) It’s also plant based which makes me as a mother of a infant who likes to eat things occasionally a huge YES! , cause this isn’t filled with chemicals and stuff that will upset my daughters belly.

It’s non toxic and naturally safe. It’s also made from organic food ingredients.

When you open the jars the smell hits you !! Boom!! It’s like a giant garden ground up into this little container. It’s not horrible smelling , but it just throws you cause your not expecting powder to smell like a ground up Field. The yellow powder seems to be the stronger of the scents. The grey powder wasn’t as strong.– But I will tell you this from the time you open regular play doh you buy at the store – I mean even if it’s slightly cracked !! I get this massive huge ginormous headache. That lasts 3-4 hours. Regular play doh makes me so sick I cannot allow my children to play with it.

I got two different packs of the sculpting dough…

4 pack of 2 yellow and 2 grey $21.24


And a three pack of yellow , blue and grey. $12.98 (grey big one pictured )

Not only is it being made from fruits and veggies a selling point but the sculpting dough doesn’t arrive to your house as a dough. It’s a powder ! It gives you instructions on the packaging on how much liquid to add. Which I’m going to be honest — I was super super worried cause I’m not very skillful when it comes to making crafting things .

The first one I made, (one of the big jars ) I stired with a spoon —–I added the water like it told me to, well it seemed to still be very very powdery so I added more water 😦 womp womp)

–/To bad I added way to much ( in this event lay your dough out flat for a few hours to dry out.) It was ruined ;( I didn’t know about the drying trick till I contacted weecantoo on their Facebook page (excellent customer service by the way !! ) very very prompt responses.

The second attempt at making sculpting dough I did (2 small jars ), I mixed with my hands. And added the correct amount aid water. It still seemed very powdery. But I kept mixing and mixing and was soon able to make a ball with it!! Horray ! Success!! I felt very accomplished, my son was excited he made it from powder.

From the time you mix your dough with water. Your weecantoo dough is good for 2 months

This was a very fun and unique way to make and shape play dough.

Wee Can Too Veggie Sculpting Dough

I very much like this product and have already recommended it to friends and family 🙂

I give it a 10 out of 10 cause it kept the kids busy from start to finish !



Hello everyone ,

So I got to try this NursElet it’s a nifty little gadget to help breastfeeding moms.

This product helps hold your shirt up while breastfeeding, cause if your kids anything like mine she hates clothing in her face while eating.

As a new breastfeeding mom you always ask yourself …..when we’re they last fed , when were they changed, did I remember to pump , the least of your concerns are WHAT SIDE DID I LAST FEED HER ON !!

So you do the quick boob groap and hope no one noticed you fondeling your goods , Only to see some lady giving dirty looks :/ yikes !!

Instead you can use this — I totally wished I had known about this when Alyssa was little. Could have saved me from rock hard boobs on many occasions. The NursElet has been a huge help since I got it and I do not go anywhere without it. Not only does it serve a huge purpose for mommas who have after baby brain. But it’s a cute bracelet too!

This little gadget clips to its self and can go around a number of ways , just as a reminder of which breast you fed from , or to use to hold your shirt up out of baby’s face while feeding. It can also serve as a stylish bracelet as a gentle reminder as which side you fed on too while not in use 🙂

Benefits include :

❤️Secures your falling nursing shirt on baby ,

❤️bracelet reminds you which breast to

Use next session,

❤️works great for Stain free pumping,

❤️easily slides over shirt,

❤️enables to make clear latch,

❤️eliminates back and neck strain by providing comfortable position,

❤️adjustable-reversible- reusable- medal free❤️

The one I got is 100 percent cotton, they also make organic NursElets as well. The cotton ones retail for $15.00 and the organic retail for $18.00. They also make other products which include changing Matt’s , nursing cover and nursing pads those can be found on the link below.

They have many many different colors to choose from some included are

Solid colors,

Polka dot,

one called the Milky Way 😂

To wash your NursElet you can just pop it in the wash nothing special is required.

This mom gives the nursElet a 10 our of 10 for being a cool and very stylish design.



2 box giveaways!!- read all to find out how to qualify!!

Hello everyone ,

So this company went above and beyond on my request for products. I will be having a give away this month with a few products from them.

My pictures do not include all items :0. I just realized 😱 the ones with white background do.

They gave 2 brush sets which include ….one wooden brush, bristle brush, a very nice wooden wool brush and a hair pick scraper .$16.49

2 hooded towels which include …. each set comes with 1 hooded towel,3 absorbent cleaning rags , 2 bibs and a wooden brush $29.98

And two swaddled blanket boxes which each include…. two blankets in each box, two bamboo wash cloths and a wooden brush $28.98

Let’s start with the bamboo hooded towel set, it is as claimed !! It is the softest towel I’ve come across. And I’ve owned many many towels. This is such a joy ! To wrap around my freshly bathed kiddo and know that she is as cozy as can be !! She’s 15 months this month and still has room to grow in this towel. It is white with a pink designed trim with cute little ears on the hood of the towel. It also says baby2gether always better on the butt of the towel. The towel is designed pretty neat too , it makes sure that I can swaddle baby. Which most baby towels aren’t like this. Huge plus for me ! It also comes with a wooden brush which is my daughters favorite. And comes with 3 little square wash cloths. Great for scrubbing baby and is very very soft like the towel. Get this !! It has two super cute bandana bibs included too, One is white with grey x’s and the other is grey with white x’s. This is prob the best bath item I have ever got/bought and at a super affordable price you really can’t beat it !

The brush set is very very nice it comes with a wooden brush which is a all time fav of my daughters. Cause she can use it and I know she won’t get hurt!! It also comes with a wool brush and

WOW!! it is super soft! It has another brush that is nice for older little girls. As it has real bristles(wooden too ) ——–Let’s not forget about a super cool feature ! This box has a tool to scrap our hair from the brushes which is pretty nice and will come in handy for many years. This set is very nice for little girls who are newborn threw eight.

The blanket sets are Muslin cotton material which are very thin its fantastic for summer! I think their 47×47. So your little one doesn’t over heat. Which is a huge releif as a mom of kids who love blankets all summer long. Included in the box is a white blanket and a rainy themed blanket (which is super cute !!) good color for both boys and girls. It also comes with 2 very very soft bamboo wash cloths and which mentioned above is one of the softest things I have ever felt ! And this amazing light weight wooden brush which I know if I’m brushing her hair or my 15 month old is brushing her hair , I know she won’t get hurt. Plus she loves toting it around and brushing her brothers hair. haha

This momma give these boxes 10 out of 10 ! You cannot go wrong with this company and the contents are just such high quantity.

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Thank you


Yay I’m back !!

Oh you’ll never guess the ordeal I’ve been dealing with !!

So a few weeks ago my daughter turned 1 so I ended up taking a 2 week break from blogging. Almost as soon as I write a headline for a up and coming blog boom !! I got shingles !!

Two nights ago my iPhone turned off and I though oh well just dead !! Wrong !! No matter what I did it is still dead !! Guess it will go in the trash 😦 such a waste !! But now I’m the owner of a brand new iPhone 6 … so I guess that’s good.

Oh get this took me 6!!!! Hours to merge my old phone and my new phone :/. I will be bumping our blog posts tommorow in hopes of not having raging mad companies on my back.

I am so sorry to all the companies waiting on reviews. I promise I have not forgot !


Inspired start….. coming soon

Hello ,

So I wanted to tell you about these cool infant food pouches. They are not your typical baby food. These are baby food pouches to test for allergy’s. The mommy who made these Is Also a dietitian and worried if the “on the market ” baby food had enough vitamins and iron in it.

When babies get around 4-6 each parent gets excited about what food to start and should it be fruits or veggies. How much should she be eating , and big !! No’s. Like ….

..That child at the playground is eating a strawberry !! I hope my baby isn’t allergic ! Or

..OH MY !! (silent pass out ) a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich ! Could this infact kill my child ??

This is a major problem with new parents , no matter if you have 1 kid or 10 each kid is different and respond different to food. One family can have 1 child out of 5 slightly allergic to blueberries. Another family everyone is allergic to cinnamon. (My husbands cousins family is all allergic )

Now each year you have to look what the experts are saying, A few years ago it was do not feed allergen foods till 12+ months. Now they are saying you can introduce foods (do not attempt if family is allergic – unless at a doctors or in er parking lot 😉) as little as 4 Months old. So that means that first foods can now be strawberry , or tree nuts as long as theirs no family history.

That even introducing allergen foods later can cause a higher chance of allergic reaction. Also a article from THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ALLERGY,ASTHMA AND IMMUNOLOGY (AAAAI) says pregnant moms and moms who breastfeed should not avoid highly allergenic foods to lessen the chance of a reaction later on.

Some of the high allergen foods include —

-Dairy-eggs-soy-peanuts-tree nuts-fish-shellfish- and wheat —–

Some of the allergy pouches they have are …

soy and mango,

Apple and peanut,

Apple and wheat ,

Mango and cod,

Pear and egg ,

Shrimp and banana,

Banana and tree nuts,

And pear and sesame


I received

shrimp and banana,

Banana and tree nuts ,

and pear and sesame seed.

In the pictures above I posted how much purée and how much allergen is in each pouch. Each pouch has one gram of allergen protein except the banana and tree nuts. It contains 3 tree nuts so their is one gram of each of those in the pouch for a total of 3 grams.

So let’s get to it. I’m super cautious when it comes to allergy foods. I decided to try out the banana and shrimp first.

I do my allergies in stages as you will see. I tend to over do it 😂

Day 1. I rubbed a glob on my daughters arm. And then a glob on her cheek (of course instantly she started to lick it up lmao !! )

Day 2. I let Alyssa have 3 small bites and watched and waited for a reaction.

Day 3. I let her eat the rest of the pouch. Safe to say !!!! Alyssa is NOT allergic to shrimp !! Yay which is a huge relief cause it’s my 5 year olds favorite snack and we eat a lot of shellfish (shrimp, clams , crab legs and lobster ) quite a bit.

I think the next pouch I will do is the tree nuts.

The American academy of pediatrics and the world health organization , recommendation is to wait 3 days between new foods just Incase their would be a late reaction.

At inspired start they follow strict guidelines to make sure cross contamination does not occur.


When to call a hospital or rush to er ???

Symptoms can be mild to severe

Mild symptoms—–Hives , redness of skin, itchy mouth (I’d dead keep a eye out and talk to your doctor at next appt

Severe include —trouble swallowing , shortness of breath loss of consciousness, weak pulse to name a few. At this point call a ambulance or drive (if super close to local er )

Inspired start pouches can be bought on their website (I’ll throw link at bottom ) currently sold in boxes but if you love a certain flavor I’m sure you can work something out with their awesome customer service.

Amazon prime and two locations in New York (west side Marley in NYC & Crosby’s marketplace in MA.

Inspired start sells in 3 boxes (free shipping on all orders !!!! )

Box 1. Introduces peanuts ,egg, tree nuts and soy , $23.00. — 8 pouches total (2each)

Box 2. Introduces wheat, sesame, shrimp and cod ,$23.00 –8 pouches total (2 each )

Box 3. Is a variety pack containers 1 pouch in each flavor 🙂 –$23.00 (8 pouches )!

This mom gives this company a 10 out of 10. Very cool idea 😉