Tommee tippee-all in one newborn gift set ……….coming soon

Given a newborn box to review from the company !

Hello all I want to say

This is my first big company item I’ve ever reviewed ! And I’m pretty excited about it.   I was given this newborn starter box set to review ! So here goes…😉

This starter set comes with everything a new mommy needs, whether it be your first baby or your fifth. The pack includes (prices are from

-two 9oz bottles—————-$10-$15 depending on size and how many bottles

-two 5 oz bottles———————-$10-$15 depending on size and how many bottles

-two storage lids (that fit over both size bottles )—-6 count is $4.54

-formula dispensers————6 count is $3.59

-microwaveable sterilizer————(babiesrus)———$29.99

-a bottle and food warmer (excited cause I’ve never had one :)————–$10.97

-one insulated bottle holder——–cant find item alone

-one 0-3 month binky(has a weird nipple – my daughter who doesn’t take binkys loves it !!)——–2 pack $4.76

– one bib———$4.97

-One bottle brush——$6.37

-And one binky holder——2 pack $4.76

So let’s talk about the items 🙂

The bottles are curvy and fit the best in my hand then any other bottle I have tried. In my opinion they are the closest to a nipple shape then any other bottle on the market. I have bought many Tommee tippee bottles for my son when he was little, cause he loved them.

Ok next the storage lids !? What ?!? Who came up with this , these are so cool !  I so could have used this 4 years ago with (M) ! It’s great so formula doesn’t go bad or even water.(I don’t condone juice going into bottles )  The storage lid fits over both the 5&9 oz bottles- I was so impressed with these ,as you can tell. lol !

The formula dispencers hold powdered formula which is great since mixed formula has a shelf life of a hour. Great for zoo trips , or on the go where a fridge isn’t handy. I think it holds 4? Scoops I could be wrong.

The sterilizer is great and holds 4 bottles and their lids. You put it in the microwave for 5 minutes and then let it cool for 2 (so you don’t get burned) and whalla! Sanatized bottles 🙂 the sides that latch are pretty cool too it kind of pops on and off . 

The bottle and food warmer I have not used yet I plan to soon so I don’t even know how it works :(.  Will update  here shortly with how it works

The bottle holder is just adorable , it fits one bottle (Tommee tippee brand bottle) Keeps the bottles cold for diaper bag use 🙂 great on the go to keep a mixed bottle of formula, breastmilk or just water cold 🙂

The binky as mentioned isn’t shaped like a normal binky. It puts me in mind of a little finger.  My daughter who hates binkys ! Nuk! Mam! Tommee tippee ! Cheap versions !   Hates every one !  She loves it ! I couldn’t believe it ! She loves chewing on it , she won’t suck on it but then again I’ll take anything from a non loving binky girl lol. I do however have a problem with the way the binky (all Tommee tippee binkys fit while in the mouth ) they rest right up against the infants nose.  Which I don’t very much care for.

The bib is cute kind of a yellowy, creamy color has a ring around the neck so it fits nicely on baby. I think it’s microfiber. Will absorb lots of little messes , if your baby likes to spit of milk.

The bottle brush is pretty cool, it breaks into two peices that click together. It’s green and white and says Tommee tippee on it . The Brussels are also on one side which make it look nice, it cleans very nicely also.

And lastly the binky holder it is a adorable little fox !  I did however get confused on how to attach it to clothing as it pushes up and down and clicks into place on desired item. It has a little Velcro peice to clip the binky onto the holder. Cause the backs of Tommee tippee binkys are odd shaped.

 This mommy gives it a 10 out of 10 ,

Very great gift for a mommy of a new baby 



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