Like Masking tape but designed for toy cars to drive around on πŸ˜ƒ

Hello all,

I was given this PlayTape to review and let me tell you, This is the coolest thing if you have a little kids who love cars.

This is the third time we have played with PlayTape and everytime we’re out my son cries cause it’s all gone.  He loves racing his cars and trucks to find out who is the fastest. While mommy loves to obey by traffic rules on the PlayTape lol. I even stop for “red lights”. 

The PlayTape has no problem sticking to our floors which are carpet. It can also stick to any flat surface like wood floors and leave no reside.  And once you play you can peel it up and build something different! It’s not a one time use either.  Which is very nice, And will actually stay even when I vaccum. It’s not hard to lift up once applied and easy for little hands to rip.

The PlayTape is thin just like painters or masking tape. But way cooler since it looks just like a little street. The makers if this tape are geniuses !  And probably watched their children playing with cars and using masking tape as a road and thought !! Why not !!  

I know as a kid my mom used to tape down “roads” for my brother using masking tape. Even with me being 6 years older, I used our little make shift roads for my barbies.

This is the first time seeing the rounded corner peices, which I didn’t know they made. πŸ™‚  They also have really cool train track PlayTape!

Their is 2 inch sizes in the classic road PLayTape and also 4 inch sizes. And their is a 2 inch rail road size. Regular Hot wheels fit perfect on the 2 inch and the hot wheels monster trucks fit perfect on the 4 inch. πŸ™‚

We love PlayTape cause every day is a new adventure with it making new road maps since their are 15 & 30 feet of PlayTape. Turns out theirs longer lengths/sizes too !! 😳😳

They sell on, directly from their website and on Amazon ( links to all of these down below.)

 Colors they have classic black, blue , red, pink, train tracks, Hot Wheels track orange and blue( these look like the hard plastic tracks Hot Wheels race on )
The curves are sold on Amazon only I think.

4 inch roll is $4.79 at Walmart,

2 inch roll is $3.79 at Walmart,

They also come in a variety of bundles and prices.×4-Children/dp/B00IX3OHIW
These are amazing for party’s , birthdays or simply to keep little ones entertained at home or the doctors office.

 This momma will be buying more for my children , and my nephews bday.

I give this a 10 out of 10 

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