Winplus – tiny traveler

Baby monitor for your car

Hello so I got this amazing baby monitor for your car to try ! I didn’t think I would get the chance cause of it being a big ticket item. 

This monitor is called the tiny traveler. And made by winplus, the monitor says Yada.  Yada is their automotive safety electronics brand.
The tiny traveler retails for $99-$169!! Now that might sound like a lot and not really worth it (way out of my budget) but let me tell you !! I plugged it into my car and wow ‼️ I could see my daughters carseat, from where carseat touches the seat to about 6 inches above. Crystal clear picture.  It has a 3.5 inch color screen.(My pictures do not do it justice. ) 

Getting in the car before we had a tiny mirror which we had eye contact with her. She cried constantly cause she would see us.  Then we would have to pull over cause she would cry so hard ! 

My daughter also has a lot of medical issues including chocking and gagging on spit, torticulis , plagiocepholy and braciocepholy (you can find the info for these in my about me.  They are explained their ) anyways so we just got a helmet for her head and I was so worried cause her head is more pushed forward. I was worried about suffocation big time !  With this monitor system it takes he worry out.   I can see my baby  and know she is safe ! And that to me is worth the money. 

The install was pretty easy, it comes with the suction device for the windshield. And the monitor just simply clicks in. You just plus the one cord Into the 12v power port (ciggerette lighter ) and the other cord is part of the camera itself. 

The camera came with two options which was nice ! One being a 2 point harness for your backseat headrest and the other being a suction type holder for your window (very convient if you drive a small car ) but we have a SUV so we used theharness.  It didn’t take much strength to get it how I wanted it. The cord for the camera reaches 6?Feet. Which we just tucked the extra slack into the crevice of the seat. 

It has a daytime version which you can adjust the brightness on  and also a nighttime which we didn’t need to adjust it .  And if you need a closer look of baby just simply pop the monitor Off, look then click it back on.

I have already recommended this to a few friends. If you know anyone who has A little one with medical issues that worry them in he car or just a fussy rider. I highly insist you get this.

winplus link —

I give this a 10 out of 10 ! I’m in love with it and I’m sure you will be too ! 


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