Nesting bean open arms, zen sack-classic  soon to come 

Hello 🙂
I got this very cool swaddler to review. It’s a open arms weighted sleep sack. Puffin party is the design. 100% cotton.

It’s not like the typical swaddlers you see on the every day market , no!  This one is weighted!  5 oz is the weight just enough to mimic the weight of your hand 🙂
So while baby is sleeping, baby still feels safe and loved and most importantly sleeps better !!

They have a 3 different options the summer , which include a arms in version (where fabric restricts baby from moving arms -it makes them feel safe ) and a arms out version (where fabric is cut like a tank top ) And their is a winter arms out version.(heavier material then the summer.)

And two different sizes a 0-6 month (the website will soon be saying 0-6month ) for now it says 3-6month.  Also with it now being newborn they want to disclose that baby should be at least 7 pounds. And the 6-12 month
We have the arms out version only cause baby A does like like to be swaddled. I thought this would have been a problem since her feet are now enclosed. But she really seems to like that. She kicks the fabric up with a big” Hello ,mom I’m awake roar!! lol

The one I got to review is the 3-6 months summer version, it fits great Length wise . Soon we will be getting a 6-12 month version when she out grows this one.

The other companies arms out versions. My daughter does not like. And I think with the nesting bean it has everything to do with the little weight on the chest.

Has three pretty cool features

➡️ 1. The (chick)egg. It’s lightly weighted (.5 oz & theirs a 1.5 oz for bigger size) with non toxic filling – so baby thinks your hands on them while they are trying to fall asleep.

-It is non toxic poly-pelleted and poly-fill

– it passes the highest safety standards

➡️ 2. The shoulder part has two snaps and below that has two snaps also. So 4 snap total see picture(will be adding one) So it can grow with the baby

➡️ 3. It’s lastly has a two way zipper that opens for easy midnight diaper changes. Which most other swaddlers do not.

They run around $33.95 to $49.99
😳 I think this is the second coolest feature (the first being the weighted egg) when baby starts to roll onto belly to sleep ! Boom then the sack around and the weight can be on babies back. 😳  What a amazing little feature !!
(I will also be editing this later and adding the links soon )
I love this sleeper and have been telling lots of mommys to buy it 🙂

I told them I would be buying a bigger size soon ,within 10 minutes they came up with a code just for me – it even has a part of my name in it ! How special does that make a person feel !!


This mom gives this swaddler a 10 out of 10


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