Mabel’s labels 

Kids labels for bookbags, and other personal items
Hello again 🙂

I am reviewing a cute little company that does kids labels. I decided to go with ballerina for (A).  I can tell you I’m going to be buying them for (M). When school starts!!
My package came with(baby label pack –$26.95)

15 name stickers(suggested uses- bottles ,sippy cups,toys and lunchboxes)

16 mini stickers(school or daycare items,small toys and bathroom items)

2 shoe stickers(for shoes, boots and any foot wear )

21 tag mates (clothing labels )

And two bag tags (purses or diaper bags )

Their are also iron on labels 🙂

Mine came with two dog tags (which I love !!  ) I currently have both on my diaper bag and will be putting the other on her car seat.   So everyone knows it’s hers 🙂

They came with 15 big labels perfect for just about everything! I have some on her wipes containers , The suitcase we’re taking on vacation and a few other things.

I have a mini sticker on her teething egg(Day 2 of use and isn’t peeling. Seems very stuck on ) and looking around the house for other items to stick them on 🙂    If we used bottles or binkys this would be perfect for daycare ! Or grandmas!    I’m going on a scavenger hunt to find things to stick them on hahaha

The shoe stickers I’m going to wait till she’s older. Their about a inch big and she’s tiny so we have no use for shoes yet !

The tag mates I will be using for when we’re on vacation so no one takes our bathing suits or towels.  🙂

The possibilities are endless with this company and can’t wait to watch it grow.

They also say they are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe!!  and waterproof ! Which makes life so easy. I HAVE AND WILL RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERYONE 🙂 also not just ment for kids 🙂——   the website has a customer service chat right as you open the website, so if your experiencing problems finding what you need its easy 🙂 and a very easy to check out.

1-866-30-mabel(622235)’s labels
This momma gives it a 10 out of 10
They also have fundraising !!


2 thoughts on “Mabel’s labels 

  1. These are so cute and useful. I really wish I’d had these when my daughter was small. I may still order some for her lunchbox and backpack since even in middle school she loses things like crazy. Thank you for sharing this helpful review.


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